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virtual manga babe

virtual manga babe


Category : Casual

Sub-Category : Other

App Updated Date : 5/4/2011

Price : €1.99 (about UK£1.75)

Seller : Mobile Media Soft

Viewed : 934

Liked : 0    

Played / Used : 6    
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Description :
This is a manga tamagotchie, meet her at the university catch her heart.This is a real virtual girlfriend, she is going hungry, thirsty and she needs you too. Dont forget to spoil her or she will leave you ! This is a manga tamagotchie, meet her at the university catch her heart and make her loving you! If she like you, you can kiss her too. Have a nice time. Dont let her waiting ! Come on and get her. NEW: - touch her with your own hands - play with her kitty cat - watch her at the changing room - real HD pictures - with sound - she needs food too, because she is like a real woman keyw.: sexy, erotic, adventure, manga, anime, NO hardcore porno, virtual, girl, blond, massage, NO sex, fantasy, mobile babe, video, movie, erotic game, naughty short: It is a naughty virtual girlfriend,she is going hungry,thirsty and she needs you too.She is real and live at your phone

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